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Why We Exist?

Startups & Brands today face a unique Challenge

Customer acquisition has been increasingly expensive. Almost 40 cents of every VC dollar is spent on Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

Here’s a crazy stat!
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Cost of acquisition of a new user is 5X more expensive than retaining an existing customer.
Upto 95% profit increase is observed just by retaining 5% customers.
Loyal customers tend to have 5x times more chances of repurchase.
Community is the solution to increasing Customer Retention!!!
Brands are leveraging community-led growth as a powerful driver of customer acquisition, expansion, and retention. Retained customers are also more likely to engage in word-of-mouth marketing or become brand ambassadors.

However, there is no all-in-one tool that helps startups achieve this objective!

NbliK aims to solve the problem of customer retention by making it extremely easy to build community and interact with your early adopters by bringing your customers to the center of your product.
NbliK enables startups to build a community around their audience by owning their users, and amplify their product growth with a white-labeled out-of-the-box solution.
Let’s build your community today. Try NbliK and we will ensure your community never dies. :)
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