Circle Vs NbliK
Circle Vs NbliK
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In today’s technology-dependent world, almost 80% of the web traffic comes from mobile users. Mobile application is extremely critical and can access, stabilize your community at any point of time, and place. It is important to be a part of a system that encourages Community usage via Mobile application screening. NbliK now stands unique from Discourse as it enables the best possible feature of having your own fully fledged whitelabeled mobile as well as web application. There is a great focus on the video conferencing features such as Community events, podcasts, meetings, Community promotion and higher order engagement.

Why customers should switch to NbliK?

NbliK provides the best eligible platform with highly integrated payment systems that can be obtained by a single tap. It has built-in systems that enables your community users to have a thorough experience and directs maximum engagement from them.

The difference between NbliK and the rest of the community-oriented platforms is the Root DNA of our team. We create content and educate people about everything they require to make a business and stay stronger to their roots. This has motivated us to build an exclusive, white-labelled community and an all-in-one system to engage in your courses, sessions, podcasts etc that are both web and mobile-app friendly.

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