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Tanmay BhatiaCommunity Manager
Monday, October 9 2023

Role of community in building personalities.

 Community equals connections, and good relationships strengthen core values. Communities are much more than the dictionary definition of a group or assemblage of people. 


They include relationships that are linked via strong bonds. There is a mixture of personalities and individualities. Communities bind different characters together and define them into a single entity.

 Community building fosters a space for sharing and collective learning - Community is all about togetherness and unity. Strong communities provide a huge space for sharing thoughts and actions and offer a collaborative space for experience sharing.


The sharing process can significantly become a very empowering practice that can source huge inspiration, motivation, learning, and support for the community members.


It brings a sense of empathy to an individual and aligns his personality toward positive growth. 


      Can be the single most significant influencer - Community can be a great influencer to an individual through community-led events, discussions, groups, and posts. 

The content can inspire people to become a part of the community and also expose a person to many ideas and formulations. 


     Community builds trust and loyalty - Trust is one of the most defining factors in an individual. The community acts as fuel in developing confidence among each and scales them towards maximum growth. 

   These community-building practices provide a huge contribution for people to create spaces and strengthen their sense of trust in each other. 


Why does a community matter in shaping personalities?

 As Hewitt once said, “Community provides a psychological world and a place of identification for its members.”

Humans, in one form or the other, always choose to be existed in groups and clusters and avoid isolation. A community is when you form connections amongst people and interact among themselves. 


     For instance, everybody prefers an online learning course only if it is on a group platform mostly because it helps them compare with their immediate peers and improvise better on their individuality.


Everybody has a unique personality and a unique trait. Communities help identify that uniqueness and help you explore it more.


But, if you are an introvert, joining a community and contributing to it will help you explore your introverted nature while putting across your thoughts in an organized way.