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Tanmay BhatiaCommunity Manager
Monday, October 9 2023

How does a community take a toll on your emotional well-being?

A community is a set of mutually exclusive components to form one entity. 

As quoted by Brian Solis, "Community is so much more than belonging to something; it's about doing something together that makes belonging matter."


A community is run by so much more than what it's being advertised. Every individual member frames a joint opinion, including the aggregation of every individual's unique perspective that is combined to form desirable results.

Being a part of a community can take a significant toll on an individual in various aspects. One such crucial driving factor that gets the most spoken about is the emotional well-being of an individual.

First things first, what is emotional well-being mean to an individual?

Emotional wellness or well-being is an individual's state that determines his awareness, acceptance, and thorough understanding of dynamic capabilities and leveraging it to the maximum extent. 


The mental state drives a person to make decisions and thread them with a positive outlook. Being part of a community can considerably impact structuring a person's emotional status and centering towards a desirable result.


Communities are established due to the impact of many shared locations, backgrounds, different experiences, and various environments.

A person should join a community that can affect him in a good way and influences him toward optimistic approaches.


"Being around people is one of the easiest ways to get out of your head, especially during tough situations." 

The Community can play a huge role in determining some of the most influential factors in a person. It can be his only source of influence, so being naturally dependent on the Community is always there. But, one should join a community that can influence and inspires him to make the right decisions at the right time and even draw him towards providing a sense of social connectedness.


Here are some significant reasons why we can second the fact that Community can take the most considerable toll on your emotional well-being.


A sense of belongingness: A community is weighed in by many factors, but one factor that stands out is its sense of security for all its members. Individuals should choose to be in a community that can make them feel valued and inspire them to make changes. 

Feeling appraised and valued can instantly provide you with a sense of satisfaction that can reduce any form of depression or pessimistic thoughts. 

Yes, it is a known fact that every individual irrespective of his status desires some form of validation or appreciation for his work. Being in a community that is positively driven can impact a lot on your work. Their assurance and the comfort of being judged can help remove any form of insecurity and uplift your emotional health to the maximum extent. 


These are some of the proven analogies of firmly adhering to the statement that Community does affect a person's emotional well-being.


Every individual needs to be part of a community that allows them to remain true to themselves and completely exempted from judgments. An individual must choose a community that lets him stay vibrant and express his unique personality and embrace it.

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