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Friday, April 5 2024

Customer Community Platform vs. Helpdesk: How they complement each other

A helpdesk and a customer community platform are two types of customer service channels; however, they serve quite different functions. A customer community platform is a widely accessible, interactive space where customers may communicate with one another and the business, develop communities, and connect with other customers. When a customer has a specific issue, a helpdesk is a classic customer service method that offers personalized assistance by email, phone, or live chat. While choosing between a client community platform and a helpdesk, take into account these distinctions.

How Customer Community Platform vs. Helpdesk complement each other?

Customer community platforms and helpdesk software serve different but complementary functions in customer support. A customer community platform is a forum or website where customers can interact with each other and with company representatives to get information, ask questions, and share feedback. A helpdesk, on the other hand, is a software platform that enables companies to manage customer support tickets, track customer issues, and provide personalized support.

While customer community platforms and helpdesk software have different features and purposes, they can work together to provide a more comprehensive customer support experience. Here are some ways in which they can complement each other:

  1. Self-service options: A customer community platform can provide customers with a wealth of information and resources that can help them solve their own problems or answer their own questions. Helpdesk software can supplement this by offering self-service options such as knowledge bases, FAQs, and chatbots.
  2. Social listening: A customer community platform can serve as a valuable source of feedback and insights for companies. By monitoring discussions and comments, companies can identify trends, pain points, and areas for improvement. Helpdesk software can build on this by allowing companies to track customer issues and resolutions, and to analyze data to identify common issues or trends.
  3. Personalized support: While a customer community platform can offer a wealth of information and resources, some customers may require more personalized support. Helpdesk software can facilitate this by allowing companies to track customer tickets, provide one-on-one support, and escalate issues as needed.
  4. Collaboration: A customer community platform can encourage collaboration and knowledge-sharing among customers and company representatives. Helpdesk software can support this by allowing multiple team members to work on a single ticket, share information, and insights, and provide coordinated support.

Type of customer support in community and helpdesk

A helpdesk might be a preferable option if clients require prompt, individualized assistance for particular problems. A customer community platform might be more appropriate if customers require a place to engage with one another and the business.

1.Customer engagement: 

By promoting participation in discussions and the sharing of personal stories, a customer community platform can assist in increasing customer engagement. Even though a helpdesk may not have the same level of interaction, it can nevertheless offer consumers helpful service.


In the long run, a customer community platform may be more cost-effective because it can ease the burden on the help desk and give users a self-service option. A helpdesk can offer consumers quicker and more individualized care, but it may take more resources to staff and manage.


A helpdesk and a customer community platform can work together to deliver a full level of customer service. For instance, a helpdesk can offer one-on-one support for more sophisticated issues, while a customer community platform can offer a self-service alternative for common ones.


On customer community platforms, community managers address the entire community and must determine the appropriate tone of voice and context. Although helpdesk customer service entails one-on-one interaction, customer experiences may be shared with larger audiences. Awareness of the effects of communication is necessary for both positions.


In community platforms, community managers are expected to post, respond, offer solutions, and plan events in a creative manner. While providing customer service is simpler, it still needs to balance business practices with client happiness. Each role has its own special difficulties.


In contrast to helpdesk customer service, which tends to be formal and professional, customer community managers and customers are intended to communicate in a more casual and laid-back manner. Whereas helpdesk customer service focuses on formal communication through official channels and tracking inquiries, responses, and feedback, community managers concentrate on expanding the community through interaction and involvement in online forums. In their customer service, some businesses try to strike a balance between informal and formal tones.


The ultimate objective of each is what distinguishes a customer community platform from a helpdesk. Help desks strive for customer silence, which denotes the discovery of a successful solution. 

In conclusion

Both a customer community platform and a helpdesk can be useful elements of a customer support strategy and each has its own special advantages. The best option will rely on the kind of customer assistance required, the objectives of customer interaction, the price, and the integration need.

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