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Kunal SinhaContent Manager
Wednesday, November 29 2023

Community and the power of referrals

Community and the power of Referrals

Referrals are like wheels for a business, Community, or Product. Let us understand how they play an essential role in community building.

1. Provides Speed

Referrals provide speed and acceleration to the community, growth, and profits in the long run. Without them, it is hard to push the system or the growth of the community.

2. Help in exponential growth

The main reason behind the growth is the personal bonus or incentive. This incentive might seem significantly less on a smaller scale, but it helps communities to grow exponentially on a larger scale.

For example: Let us look into our daily life for reference.

Forwarded messages in the WhatsApp groups

Reshare in the Instagram stories

Spreading of Covid-19 from 3 cases to several lakhs of cases

3. Help to get potential buyers

Often it happens that not everyone is interested in investing money in our products. But few shares to the Potential Clients or buyers can work wonder, resulting in an increase in revenue.

This is how referrals are beneficial for products and communities on a larger scale.

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