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Kunal SinhaContent Manager
Wednesday, November 29 2023

Community and the number game

Community and the number game

In this era of judging the potential of a creator by the number of their fan-following, does the size of the community matter, or is it a myth in the industry?

1. Keep it small

Keep the community small and exclusive. Create a quality group of people who prefer to be active or a part of your community.

2. Do not expect quick results

Most of the efforts of Community Admins will be invisible. So, the initial journey might not seem fruitful to you. Have a little patience, as it is really different from Traditional business or marketing.

3. Prefer Passive Use

Current engagement does not matter at all. Passive use of community is much better than current higher engagement, where people would like to be connected with you for the long term.

4. Go for depth rather than breadth

Create a power-packed community. Go into the depths of their heart or mind and nurture them instead of creating a large but shallow community.

Therefore, size does not matter if you are building a small quality-based community. But, if the quality is also scaling up with the size of the community, then it is always a plus point.

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