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Tuesday, November 29 2022

Communities on Social media versus NbliK

Communities on Social media versus NbliK 

People are fond of social media in one way or another. But there are certain drawbacks to building professional communities on social media. So, while reading this, you will realize what is wrong with some of the most popular and lovable platforms.


It allows limited people to interact at once. It is challenging to estimate active community members. Notifications are not organized. There is no option to optimize notifications. It does not allow users to save or share content for further utilization.


Facebook is a more social and traditional platform. It is not fit for professional communities. It is full of spammers who are more interested in hi, hello, and irrelevant conversations. 

Facebook groups are also not very effective. It is really difficult to get high-ticket clients from them. People here do not respect skills, values, and effort. They prefer things closed in the box. The chances of making money for creators are not even average here.


It does not allow the admin to pin the most important posts on the feed. The worst thing about Instagram is the algorithm. It does not spread the content to every follower. Even after the person has decided to follow the creator for a particular reason. 

It is a scrolling platform rather than a community-building platform. 


The best thing about Twitter is its algorithm and engagement. It is beneficial for small creators in many ways. For example: If a big creator follows someone, it will notify their followers, allowing more exposure. 

If a big creator retweets your tweet, you have access to their followers for a specific time, as they will be able to see it. When someone engages in your tweets, it will help to gain more exposure and show it to the mutuals. 

Drawbacks: It does not allow the admin to pin others' tweets. The algorithm does not support those tweets which have links. It might be hard to crack the Twitter algorithm without building an engaging community or the support of a big creator.

Whatsapp and Telegram

These apps expose the most sensitive & private information, like contact numbers, to unknown people, spammers, scammers, etc., when someone joins the group or is a part of any group.

It has a limited number of members in the groups and broadcast list (512). 

When someone leaves the group, it creates a negative impact, as it notifies everyone who has left. It is more of a conversational & chatting platform. That's why it is not appropriate for community building. Also, there are no features such as; Events, roles, and permissions for removing negative conversations with another person in the group. 

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