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Ritik KashyapContent Manager
Tuesday, November 29 2022

Audience funnel versus Community Funnel

Who does not want to keep the maximum part of the profit they have earned either by hard work or by intelligent work?

For brands and small businesses, the conversion cost is getting more and more expensive. 

So, Here you will come to know about how it is costly and how it can be reduced.

Let us understand how the Audience funnel works, how the community funnel works, and what are some significant differences in both of these funnels.

1. Audience Funnel:

This is basically known as a funnel. Its base depends on the number game. The more people will observe your content and products, the more chances of conversion will increase. Though the rate of conversion in funnels is very poor.

For example: Let us try to understand it with a very basic example of Instagram Audience building.

You have shared a post in the Instagram feed, which is visible to the public. Now, if it reaches 1000 non-followers (those people who were not following you when you shared this particular piece of content), then not every person among these 1000 people is going to like your post, or follow you. 

So, let's consider 1000 people, 200 will like your post, and 10-20 will follow you.

But, when it comes to funnels, the ratio is even poorer. When you will share your product with 1000 people, 50 might be interested, and five will convert (buy your products).

2. Community funnel:

It is hard to start. Community building takes lots of time and patience until you will not reach a certain height. Then it helps to attract more and more money. 

For example, You have built a solid small community of 100 people, which should be the next step after audience building. 

If ten people will buy your product and utilize it. 5 will like it, or they would like to share it with more people.

Let's make it simple:

Community = 100 People

10 will buy products because of trust and connection. 

5 will like it and spread the word.

5* more people

And it will keep spreading.

And more people will keep buying your products. 

Difference between funnel and community funnel.

The audience funnel reduces the number of customers and buyers.

For example: 1000 followers ➡️ 50 interested ➡️ 5 buyers (conversion)

The community funnel multiplies the number of customers and buyers.

For example, 100 Community Members ➡️ 50 interested ➡️ 10 buyers (conversion)

5 customers love the products ➡️ 5 * More people = More customers. 

So, the number of customers starts multiplying after a certain level. 

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