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Ritik KashyapContent Manager
Wednesday, November 29 2023

Advertising versus Community

How common ads are?

There is an ad after every 3rd or 4th post and story on Instagram. It depends on the creator and how many ads they can place in YouTube videos if it is longer than 8 minutes. And similarly, other social platforms or blogs are full of ads.

But how many ads do you watch in 1 day, and how many are interesting for you? 

More than the interest, they are irritating often. So, this is how the ad market is saturated.

The same goes for Audience building too. 

There are already lots of content pieces out there & so many creators trying to grow their audience.

When they try to launch their own products or digital products, they have to run their ad campaigns, despite having a large audience. Because they did not focus on building an influential community. So they have to invest in money, too, despite the time and effort they have invested in building an audience without converting it into the community.

It is crystal clear from lots of apps that offer a premium membership for ad-free content. 

Also, if the number of ads is increased suddenly, several content websites and apps lose their lots of genuine subscribers and fame. Because people do not like to interfere in the things they love.

This is where online communities play an essential role. 

They help you to advertise your product and brands by word of mouth and their willingness. Though it might take more and more time for you to reach a particular stage to monetize your community, it is worth it.

1. Communication 

When you are building an audience, Communication is One-way communication. You share the Content, announce new things, and deliver the message. Now, you'll not be able to know how many people have actually got it. 

Meanwhile, when it comes to Communication, it is two-directional & effective too. Personal to person Communication.

2. Content Creation 

To build an Audience, you need to create content continuously for the long term, with consistency. 

Meanwhile, to build a community, you still need to create content, but it needs minimal content production but needs nurturing of the community.

3. Acquisition 

To keep the audience active, creators need to create content actively. Either in the form of static posts or video format. 

Meanwhile, for the community, Interaction is more important than posting and ghosting. Creators need to connect with core community members on a personal level or with the help of life events to establish a bond of personal brand. To make it smooth, a lot of things are set on automation.

4. People required 

Audiences can be created solo. Like, there are a lot of Influencers & content creators who are content strategists, content writers, graphic designers, social media managers, and PR. Basically, all-in-one for their Audience. 

But, building a community, it requires at least two people. Individuals can't build it. Because it depends on person-to-person communication & interaction.

5. Examples of Audience versus Community

Here are some examples of Audiences. Newsletters, YouTube

Channel, Instagram, etc. Here you are not sure that you'll get a reply from the creator or will be able to communicate with them directly. 

But, in the community, you can communicate effectively. Here are some examples: Scenes, Discord, Slack, NbliK & many more emerging Communities.


So, as a content creator, both audience & community have their own importance. You can decide which one you want to create according to your time management & goals. But the future is all about the creator's economy. And Communities are helping creators to keep large amounts of money to themselves. 

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