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Saturday, March 23 2024

12 pointers to maximize engagement in the online community

“When the individual feels, the community reels.” — Aldous Huxley

Every year, online communities grow in popularity. They serve as a venue to develop new skills, obtain information, and make contacts.

Online groups are joined by 66% of people to meet people who have similar interests.

Engagement-Boosting Suggestions !!!

Check out these engagement-boosting suggestions if you want to increase forum community involvement or obtain more comments on your blog.

1. Encourage the new and nurture the old- The goal is to establish a cosy and friendly atmosphere. The new members need to be aware of what you are doing that is beneficial to them if you want to move the existing members along in their path.

To help everyone feel a part of the group, ask them to tell a little bit about themselves. This is the first stage in a continuous process to promote community involvement.

2. Be a Leader- Develop pride and identification in each member so they recognise their place in a greater whole. You influence the Community's atmosphere.

Intervene and motivate users to communicate with one another.

3. Welcome and Encourage Newbies- To welcome new members and help them feel at home in the community, consider the following steps:

  •  Provide one-on-one contact with the Community Manager to build strong relationships.
  • Create a "Welcome Wagon" group that reaches out to new members and includes a tutorial video on how to maximize their experience.
  • Clearly articulate the purpose of the community for every new member.
  • Encourage members to engage and participate by being clear about how they can get involved.
  • Post a tutorial on how a well-completed profile can enhance their experience.
  • Have an Ambassador highlight or interview new members on a weekly basis and share the highlights in the Dashboard Digest.

4. Establish a “warmer" ambience in new communities- Make your online community a location where people can go to have lighthearted, non-threatening conversations with their peers. Members should take the time to get to know one another well before discussing more delicate subjects. It will require some creative persuasion to convince executives that idle conversation is a critical component of the business case. Idle conversation is an important component of a community.

5. Interact with your Community- Members might communicate that someone is listening by interacting. Engage with group creators frequently and post comments in forums.

6. Post inspiring content- You had a business goal in mind when you started the Community, and you told the members about it clearly. Your selection of blog posts should reflect and reinforce these goals so that the Community represents its mission and maintains consistency with your brand identity.

Make it a point to post or publish two new pieces of content at least once per week.

7. Ask questions that are relevant to the community- It is well known that using questions with concrete language is a smart method to spark conversation. This, however, only functions if the inquiries you make are pertinent to your audience. Plan accordingly after taking the time to learn how your audience responds.

Specify your questions in a systematic way, such as "Are you in agreement or disagreement?"

When they respond to the question, be sure to follow up and thank them.

8. Identify and nurture your power users- More volunteers will join the cause if you collaborate with them as partners and co-conspirators since it will give them a stake in the Community's success.

Ask the Top Posters to moderate a monthly "Great Debate" on a subject they are knowledgeable about. (To learn this information, use Manage.)

Consult the local experts. (You can discover them using Advanced Search.) Getting them involved will increase engagement and inspire additional experts to request interviews once they see the attention it receives.

9. Showcase and cross promote UGC (User generated content)- It will help users know what is appropriate and feel comfortable contributing if you are clear about the objective and intended response to uploaded information and conversations. You can more successfully track and measure performance if your goals are clear.

Making people aware of their audience is one of the finest methods to engage them in a conversation. Peers should be encouraged to comment on new content, especially if it is contributed by a more recent community member. Being the community manager while responding is OK, but it is less satisfying than a peer response, and it may unintentionally end the discussion because it is perceived as the management's opinion.

Users are energised and motivated by content curation and display, and this can attract new content creators.

Depending on the compelling content a member has submitted, spotlight them once a month.

Post the names of the top commentators and posters in the company newsletter, dashboard digest, or other regular mailings.

10. Reward contributors- Create a statistic with a monthly prize that integrates postings, group membership, logins, and aggregated online time into a score.

Run a contest with a fantastic reward and a random drawing from all Discussion posters. (An Apple product?) This encourages meaningful interaction when coupled with one of the content tactics mentioned above.

11. Create an area for Ideas related to Community- Make the most of this opportunity to connect, communicate, and collaborate while enhancing the organisations' usage of the community. Suggest tales, illustrations, web connections, and suggestions that can benefit everyone.

  • How to build strong relationships?
  • How to write communications that are compelling?
  • How to work together efficiently?

12. Bonus- Ask for stories involving connections or collaborations. In your communications, keep an eye out for tales that are a direct outcome of using the Community and promote them frequently.


The best action you can take to attract more people to your community is to boost engagement. Potential members will find it more appealing to join an active community. However, perhaps even more crucially, maintaining community activity improves the user experience for current users, increasing their ties to your website.

By putting an emphasis on online community participation right away, you'll be well on your way to creating a welcoming, supportive area of the internet that your members will adore.

To find out how NbliK community can assist you in growing your business and involving your community, get in touch with us right now.

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