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War Zone - Ukraine.

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    Jai Nandha

    a year

Ukraine has been under invasion from Russia and is being bombarded  day in and day out.Ukranian cities and towns are bearing the brunt and falling one after another even after stiff resistance in the cities.

This is an unequal war. The super power Russia is invading Ukraine which stands nowhere compared to the might of the Russians. The world at large is a mute spectator as the threat of nuclear attacks and an imminent third world war looms, if anybody interfers militarily in this conflict. posts/95800/07f85c9a-d096-443b-a5f6-7fc72cfc3341/IMG_20220304_160145431.jpg

The whole world is also devided with the democratic and developed nations mostly supporting Ukraine and autocracies or those opposed to the US, like North Korea, China, Iran, Venzuela  supporting Putin. India has rightly been neutral till now, keeping our own interests in mind. Not going into who is right or wrong, here I would just like to dwell on the futility of war and the destruction it brings. 

I've seen endless debates raging on TV channels both for  and against the invasion. The TV screens are flashing war scenes of destruction and Mayhem all around and it is being said that Russia has still not gone all out  and is acting in restrain. If this is restrain what would have happened if it had gone all out. The catastrophe it would have brought is unimmageanable.. I shudder to think about that. posts/95800/2b7ff3bd-c999-4dc3-bac7-95bda2e778b2/IMG_20220304_160158928.jpg

All said and done the thing which disturbs me no ends is the human sufferings associated with war. Can Putin, Biden, Zelensky or for that matter any world leader justify these. Human lives matter to none it's been proven time and again. They are all out to play with the sentiments of the common man, proppelling their agendas in the name of nationalism or threat to their nations. 

The world has been like that all along and "power does flow from the barrel of the gun"but after so much progress made on gender equality , democracy, on racisism and other malices afflicting the world ,when will this  this malice be truely considered and discussed  to end this tyranny once and for all. 

In my views it is the Ego of these leaders and their yearning to prove their power that leads to such mayhem. The less said the better about the dictators, their own people are suffering so much under them, with no rights whatsoever, and any type of protest can lead to death or even worse. We hardly know about the realities of such countries.

The democracies around the world or whatever is left of them, need to get together and ponder over.. How long the common man will suffer like this? Is it worth it? To be happy one doesn't need huge territories or power. Small nations like sweden and Finland with hardly any armies or enemities are rated the happiest nations in the world. What are these superpowers trying to prove ,doing everything in thing in the name of pseudo nationalism and making their own people and the world suffer. Dividing them along ethnic, religious, race, lines just to gut their own appetite for power and money. 

It is utterly confusing and my mind is chaotic at the moment  and full of pain to see the suffering of lakhs of people affected by war, imposed on them for no fault of theirs. It still seems we are living in medeival times totally at the mercy of warlords. 

A new dawn ,which is highly improbable in the current scenario, is all that we can a hope for . Maybe our coming generations will be able to experience a beautiful border free, race free, war free, one world. At present we can only wish to survive the nuclear holocaust ,which is being threatened and  can be unleashed on the happless people just because of the whims and fancies of these mighty  rulers. posts/95800/ad051833-ecac-48a7-894c-06bb47b4f14b/IMG_20220304_160219652.jpg