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How to become a chef? Types of chef, challenges and improvements.

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    Sanah Malhotra

    2 years

If one has a passion for cooking, baking or loves food and has knowledge of different cuisines. Then why not make a career as a chef? 

Whether you become a self employed chef, open your own restaurant or become a chef in some other restaurants, hotels,bakery shop etc.

It's a growing industry and will be more challenging for all those working in this field.

You can specialize in this field according to your specialty to cook Chinese, Italian, Mexican etc.

How to become a chef?

1. UG diploma in culinary/Home science/baking

2. Pg diploma in culinary/Home science/baking(for good salary and experience).


1. BA/B.Sc in Home science/food technology. BA in culinary/baking.

2. MA/M.Sc in Home science/food technology. MA in culinary/baking.(For higher post)

3. Internship or experience as a Communis chef for beginners.

4. Certified chef( not compulsory): It adds more value to your degree and work and helps to grow faster with more rewards.

Challenges faced by a chef:-

1. Applying sustainability: Since people are becoming environment friendly and adapts 'go green' system nowadays.

The chef also have to adapt the go green system for making the products and services less harmful for environment and utilization of resources in a best way they can. Such as not using paper, saving water for toilets.

Think about more of the seasons in the mind for fresh vegetables and good menu choices etc.

2. Meeting customer's needs and expectations: Offering good services, good hygiene, cleanliness etc. Customers expect the loyalty of the chefs in restaurants, hotels and bakeries for good taste, no foul smell, good presentation and giving them the right quality and quantity at right amount.

Also mamy restaurants are famous because of their new ideas becoming a trend such as rewarding a regular customer, giving positive reactions to their feedbacks and so on.

3. Tech savvy: Nowadays people are becoming tech savvy and knows how to use technology at the right way for attracting customers. Even the delivery services are done online. 

Becoming tech savvy is todays date is common is useful for those people taking care of their restaurants, hotels and even those chefs. They can utilize it for popularity and new recipes, presentations, trends etc.

Some restaurants nowadays use online menu with increasing technology and saving the paper for showing their menus. It looks different and attractive too.

If you don't know how to utilize it then ask for special training since chefs are earning extra with new technologies online. You can even share your recipes online.

4. Increasing competition and improvement : With an increase in competition, more and more chefs are coming up with new skills and ideas growing very well and faster, inventing their new recipes and improving themselves day be day for attracting more customers.

They use new techniques for plating and presenting their ideas on a plate with new creativity and designs for more customer attraction.

Working hours and holidays:-

1. Festivals and occasions: The chefs have to work in important days and festivals/special occasions since it's the best time for a restaurant, hotel, bakery and confectionery businesses to grow fast and grow popularity.

2. Shift timings: The chefs usually have shift timings such as morning shift, afternoon shift and night shift.

3. Hours: They have to work minimum of 50-60 hours per week and it's not easy since it takes a lot of efforts.

Types of chef:-

1. Communis chef: They are assistant chefs for preparing the food and with more experience they have more add responsibilities. It's a good way for progression in the career as a chef.

2. Head chef: They are the head of the kitchen who selects the menu, ingredients, materials etc. They also supervise the other commis chefs for their work and solve food related issues.

3. Sous chef: They work directly under the head chef and executes the planning following the head chef's instructions.

4. Saute chef: They takes care of all the delivery processes, quantity of soup/ gravy required, shortage of sauces etc.

5. Bakers chef: They takes care of baked dishes, their decorations , right ingredients for the dish at right amount and time. They also ensure the quality of the dish and nutrients.

Thank you everyone for reading this article.

Hope it's helpful and a delight for everyone to read. Making aware to everyone🥗🥞🍰🍤🦐