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Kitchen: The heart of home..!!

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"The kitchens are made for bringing families together". 
We are all aware of the fact that the kitchen strengthens the bond between families. A sacred place where memories are made, where the old generation entrusts its heritage to the generations to come.
Our overall health and wellness start with the kitchen. We know the environment affects diet, that's why the kitchen should be clean and hygienic.
Recently I have changed the interior of our kitchen and given a new appearance to it.
No doubt I love the other parts of my home, but none of those could relax me the way my kitchen do. I like my kitchen, I like its decor, its colour combination and the big window. Every time I enter the kitchen I feel immense joy and happiness.
It is white and the main attraction is the fact, in winters, the sun shines through the window for a good part of the day. It's full of natural light and fresh air.
Each morning, the first falling ray of sun on my face keeps me fresh throughout the day and elevates my mood. I do some of my best thinking while cooking. πŸ™‚
So it's natural that I fall in love with this corner of my home. Because I don’t just cook or eat there. I usually go there, even when I'm not hungry, just to walk around and look out the window. And do some conversation with my Kanha Ji. I love to talk to him.πŸ™
Just, on entering the kitchen, on the left side, Kanha Ji is anchored along with Radha Ji in the sanctum Sanctorum of the temple. From where he always keeps showering blessings on me and my family. It's a place where I can let all my positive thoughts come.
It is said that the house is a temple, and in our temple, the deity resides in the kitchen, a very cute and sacred corner of our house, Kanha Ji's temple.
Is there anything more relaxing and lovely than sitting in a kitchen? I think at least for me, a big no.
Our kitchen is middle-sized, not so big and not so small with a large window.

I won't make you wait any longer, let me show you our kitchen. I hope that you will also get the same happiness after catching a glimpse of it as I get.

The moment you will enter the kitchen, the view welcomes you, a complete treat.

The big glass window opens into the rear terrace.


 The view of tall trees from the window take the mind with fascination, just like a feast to your eyes.

View of the rear terrace from the kitchen window.

Radha Krishna temple, and cabinet for crockery.


A compact pantry.

A narrow panel of silver tiles is acting as a highlighter of the kitchen.

Cabinets and hob area.

The dining area is just outside the entrance of the kitchen.

Rear terrace, the beautiful nook of our home, where we usually enjoy our breakfast and lunch together in winter and evening tea in summer.

Writing about the kitchen at this very moment, and uploading the pics, once again I'm feeling tremendous happiness. 

All of you are invited for evening tea.

Thank you so much.