Top 2 alternative investment ideas

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Top 2 Alternative Investment Ideas


We all know how important investment is and therefore are very careful in selecting options related to it.  Correct investment options ensure that our well earned money is safe and also guarantees good returns." alt="posts/52254/1e706bbc-03fb-4fd4-9858-6fe99c09d57e/IMG_20220202_133159752.jpg" width="95%" height="95%">

In this context, let us look beyond the traditional investment patterns of mutual funds and stocks.  Businesses have been changing, so also the investment market which has come up with new options, which promise excellent returns. 

Therefore, through this article, I list below two of the most popular choices, which am sure will prove helpful to you.

So, here we go.

1.     Pokemon Cards

I am sure you find this funny, but there’s more to Pokemon cards and then playing.  These can help you earn fortune.  

When these  came in the market initially they were just games meant for children.  However, today it is a game connected to investment." alt="posts/52254/6de95a45-58fd-417e-829e-6f6218e4afe0/IMG_20220202_133217659.jpg" width="95%" height="95%">

You must read this to believe it, A Charizard Pokemon card is presently sold at $2,00,000.  Around five to six years back they were valued at $9000.  So, that tells a lot about its increase in value over the years.  

They are so much in demand now that some cards were out of stock a few years back.  This further increases the price of cards, as when supply is less, their demand is more. 

Investment in Pokemon cards is quite simple to understand and the market for this is very huge." alt="posts/52254/a53ae679-43e0-45ee-a9ad-bb3d4a483398/IMG_20220202_142908287.jpg" width="95%" height="95%">

You can go through live auctions, conferences and check out investing in them even if this concept is new to you.  

Estimated value, cards specifications, such valuable information can be easily researched on the internet.  

Moreover, you can visit sites like" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer" data-saferedirecturl=" that" target="_blank">"> that give you a clear picture of transactions with the help of graphs and visuals. 

Overall, the market for pokemon as an investment is great and has huge supporters.  There are people who wait for a long period of time to get these cards, so getting a buyer for them isn’t a difficult task.  

All that you need to do is get an online listing, then the buyers will start flowing automatically.


2.     Music Rights

Music industry has grown tremendoulsy over the years. People are streaming music on a day today basis which has enabled companies like Spotify to earn millions.  

This has further led to a new investment option." alt="posts/52254/1f364cad-e188-496c-8a01-0f14e632e5ab/IMG_20220202_141520813.jpg" width="95%" height="95%">

People prefer choosing investing in music industry as the risk involved in it is less as compared to other investment options.  .

Though pandemic affected many industries and businesses, the music industry did not experience its brunt. 

People love music and if you want to experience growth in this sector, one should begin with a public traded company." alt="posts/52254/5ddf1cbb-3287-45ca-8fb3-99fce6e14e36/IMG_20220202_142353888.jpg" width="95%" height="95%">

You have the option of bidding on individual catalogues or even a single song at a time.

If money isn’t an issue with you, private market is another great option.  If you have the rights to music, you can earn through royalties, as you will paid each time the song is played.  

Many of the top investors prefer purchasing music rights from record companies. The cost factor involving in buying any music right could vary between $50-$500." alt="posts/52254/8b1e8108-0a64-4906-821b-893d3ff4dd5c/IMG_20220202_142426685.jpg" width="95%" height="95%">

It can also go much beyond that if the artist is very popular. 

Comparatively investment in music industry is pretty safe and reliable as compared to the stock market.  It helps you get some side income alongwith other long term opportunities.  

Since music industry is never stagnant, investment in this sector is not a waste.

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